Regular Absorbent Cotton Roll

• Fast absorbent
• 100% natural cotton
• Useful in surgeries
• Free of foreign particle, neps, leaf shells
• No chemical or starch used

Premium Absorbent Cotton Roll

• Most White
• Pure & Softest Cotton
• GMP Certified Facility
• Untouched by Hands
• Microbiologically tested

Zig Zag Cotton

• Natural white color
• Absorbent cotton wool IP/BP size
• Can be used for cosmetic purpose
• Soft and gentle
• Top quality cotton

Gauze Bandage

• Disposable
• Skin-friendly
• Uniformly knitted
• Smooth texture
• Finely tested
• Long lasting

Super Wing™ Sanitary Napkin

• Anion Chip
• Antibacterial
• Extremely soft and double perforated top sheet
• Wider back for better coverage to protect against back leakage throughout the night

Sterile gauze swabs

• Made out of 100% cotton gauze fabric. Bleaching done by Hydrogen peroxide & deomineralized water
• All swabs are with folded edges (American fold) therefore No loose threads.
• ETO/gamrna sterilized.

Abdominal Sponge

• Tape stitched at the corner • Uniformly knitted
• Used in operating rooms for bleeding control among others, especially in open surgical procedures for better fluid control

Cannula Fixer

• With extra strip for additional adhesion
• Convenient, saves nursing time
• Prevents infusion related phlebitis
• Stretches with body movements
• Allows air circulation

Crepe Bandages

• Helps relieving muscle strain and joint pain
• Offers firm support and compression along with warmth
• Made of skin-friendly material to ensure comfort

Surgical Paper Tape

• Gently, hypoallergenic adhesive.
• Soft Feel.
• Allows the skin to breathe.
• Easy to cut and tear.

Digital Thermometer

• Memory & beeper
• Both for adult & children
• Safe, fast, clinically accepted
• Oral, Rectal or underarm use

Gauze Than

• Skin Friendly
• High Absorbency
• Convenient for cutting to desired sizes as per requirement.

Pulse Oximeter

• Dual color OLED display.
• Four directions with six display modes..
• High accuracy and durability
• Battery capability indication
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“Wellness Surgical & Pharma”, Madhyapradesh, is amongst the largest manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Absorbent Cotton Wool IP, Surgical Bandaze Gauze dressing disposable, Sanitary Napkins, Disposable Syringe etc, like medical gauze products, cotton products and other hygiene care products used in the heath care industry. These are manufactured in conformation to the international standards including conform to Pharmacopoeia European and other internationally followed standards.


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Our Products

Absorbent Cotton Roll

The Wellness Surgical™ Absorbent Cotton is also known as Surgical Cotton or Cotton Wool and mainly used for medical purposes in hospitals, nursing homes..
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Premium Absorbent Cotton

The Wellness Surgical™ Premium Absorbent Cotton made from ETO Sterilized material to make sure that you get your cotton 100% safe & pure..
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Zig Zag Cotton

We are offering you the exclusive range for 100 % Cotton Wool Zig Zag Cotton Wool. This cotton works well for delicate skin to avoid rashes. We provide..
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Roller Bandages

The Wellness Surgical™ Provide a wide assortment of gauze bandages, which are highly demanded in medical environment. These are manufactured..
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Sanitary Napkin

Sanitary pad, which is also known as sanitary napkin or menstrual pad, is a thin pad made of absorbent material that absorbs the menstrual..
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Sterile Gauze Swabs

Sterile Gauze Swabs are usually sterilized using gamma Irradiation and Ethylene Oxide. Sterile Gauze Swabs are bleached using hydrogen peroxide..
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Abdominal Sponge

100 % Cotton gauze fabric, Sealed edges to prevent lint residue, Latex free, heat bonded X-Ray detectable thread, High volume retention..
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Cannula Fixer

Cannula Fixer with extra strap for additional reinforcement around the cannula. It’s also prevents accidental movement of the catheter..
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Crepe Bandages

Crepe Bandages provide optimum support to the injured area and helps in relieving pain. This heavy weight crepe bandage is suitable for use..
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Surgical Paper Tape

Surgical tapes are highly suitable for long term gauze, other dressing fixation, for securing intravenous needles, electrodes and tubings & other deviceson skin..
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Digital Thermometer

Our digital thermometers, can be used as household item or in hospitals. These accurately calibered thermometers.the packing done..
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Gauze Than

Soft, Light weight weave of cotton and polymer yarns create a gauze that stretch and conforms. Minimized Linting and unravelling..
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3 ply surgical face mask

The Wellness Surgical™ Premium Absorbent Cotton made from ETO Sterilized material to make sure that you get your cotton 100% safe & pure..
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N95 Mask

The Wellness Surgical™ Premium Absorbent Cotton made from ETO Sterilized material to make sure that you get your cotton 100% safe & pure..
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Pulse Oximeter

Dual color OLED display. Four directions with six display modes. High accuracy and durability. Battery capability indication. SpO2, PR, SpO2 bar..
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Disposable Syringe

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Surgical Face Mask

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