Wellness Surgical
Management Team

Mr. Vineet Mishra

“Health & Hygiene is highly ignored, when we realize it’s too late”

According to WHO, India losses Rs 6500 per person due to poor hygiene. The poor habit’s of basic hygiene mostly amongst youngsters leads to ill health in there later stage. After giving years to the industry and thorough research, maintaining good health habits become a challenge in our day to day life. Through Wellness Surgical™ tried our expert hands to give the best possible quality products to uplift the every individual’s life.

After looking at the poor condition of availability of the quality products, need become the necessity of the invention for the Wellness Surgical™ and its quality products. To reach out the every individual’s life our R&D team is working everyday to develop the best possible quality products. When the WHO declared that health is a human right, it was not just for some patients who need surgery, or for some mothers giving birth, or for some children with serious illnesses, or for some healthcare workers on the frontlines fighting pandemics like Ebola or COVID-19. It is in all our interests to cure this obvious barrier to delivering basic safe care.

No one goes to a Doctor to get sick. People go to get better health, or to get vaccinated. Yet hundreds of millions of people face an increased risk of infection by poor care in health facilities that lack basic necessities, poor quality products, sanitation, hygiene, health care waste management and cleaning services.