Premium Absorbent Cotton

The Wellness Surgical™ Premium Absorbent Cotton made from ETO Sterilized material to make sure that you get your cotton 100% safe & pure. We are using organic cotton, these quality product are Made as per Europeans Parameters. We are using R.O water to cleaning and bleached for Raw Cotton. These cotton badges can be used for Surgery in Hospitals, Medical, cleansing, skin care and household purposes. These are ideal for self cleansing and self hygiene purpose. It features multipurpose hydrophilous and waterjet technology that absorbs the water. The easy to use cotton bandages cause zero wastage.

Why Premium Absorbent Cotton:-

  1. Pure  & Softest Cotton.
  2. GMP Certified Facility.
  3. Untouched by  Hands.
  4. Microbiologically tested.
  5. Using R.O. water for cleaning of Raw Cotton.
  6. Lint Free.


  • Hospitals.
  • Surgeries.
  • First Aid.
  • Baby Care.
  • Female Care.
  • Beauty Care.
  • Cosmetic Uses.


  • Easy to use cotton cause zero wastage.
  • Lint free.
  • Features multipurpose hydrophilous and water jet technology that absorbs the water.
  • The cotton is highly absorbent made from natural organic Indian cotton.
  • Free from impurities like seeds, leaf residues, dust.
  • Soft and gentle.
  • Top quality cotton.
  • Hygienic.

Packing Size :-

  • 20 Gram To 500 Gram.