Sterile gauze swabs

Sterile Gauze Swabs are usually sterilized using gamma Irradiation and Ethylene Oxide. Sterile Gauze Swabs are bleached using hydrogen peroxide with demineralized water. The cotton gauze swab ensures the absorbability. Absorbent gauze swab is used to wick away bodily fluids.. These absorbent gauze swab have no fraying edges to prevent residual fiber deposition. Some of these gauze swabs are available with an x-ray detectable line.

Gauze swabs are a useful utility product in a kit can be used for wound dressing, padding, protection, blood spill, applying antiseptic and much more. It is especially useful for dressing wounds where other fabrics might stick to the burn or laceration. Sterile Gauze Swab should be used for any application to an open wound.


  • Made out of 100% cotton gauze fabric. Bleaching done by Hydrogen peroxide & deomineralized water.
  • All swabs are with folded edges (American fold) therefore No loose threads.
  • ETO/gamrna sterilized.
  • Available with or without X-ray detectable line.


  • 5 cm x 5 cm (8ply).
  • 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm (8ply).
  • 10 cm x 10 cm (8ply).