Absorbent Cotton Roll

The Wellness Surgical™ Absorbent Cotton is also known as Surgical Cotton or Cotton Wool and mainly used for medical purposes in hospitals, nursing homes, dispensaries and at home (for first aid) etc. Because of its property of high fluid absorbency, it is better known among masses as absorbent cotton. The raw natural cotton is processed by series of steps and fully automated process, which render the cotton hydrophilic in character and free from external impurities needed to be fit for use in surgical dressings and personal hygiene.

Wellness Surgical Absorbent Cotton Wool is highly absorbent and of premium quality. It is available in natural white colour and free from dirt. It is highly reliable and durable. Cotton of Wellness Surgical™ fulfil I.P. & B.P. and U.S.P. standards.


  • Hospitals.
  • Nursing Homes.
  • dispensaries.
  • Domestic household.
  • Commercial sector.


  • Fast absorbent.
  • 100% natural cotton.
  • Useful in surgeries.
  • Free of foreign particle, neps, leaf shells.
  • No chemical or starch used.

Packing Size :-

  • 20 Gram To 500 Gram.