Gauze Than

Soft, Light weight weave of cotton and polymer yarns create a gauze that stretch and conforms. Minimized Linting and unravelling. Great for holding dressing securely in place.

Woven from High quality yarn. Bleached to good white color and 100% free from starch, fluorescence, foreign matter and weaving defects.

Gauze Than are manufactured using 100% cotton gauze, these are highly absorbent to increase efficiency. These can be used for dressing and cleaning different kinds of injuries and wounds.


Widely used in hospitals for wound dressing and cleaning.


  • Skin Friendly.
  • High Absorbency.
  • Convenient for cutting to desired sizes as per requirement.

Usage Direction:

Cut to size and ready to use.

Safety Direction:

For External use only to hygienic cleansing and disinfection of wounds with standard agents.

90 cm X 18 Meter